Sparking Innovation in Film

What is Screenovators?

This is a hub of trailblazers in film. This space intents to foster innovation through conversations, inspire creative growth and form unique partnerships in the rapidly evolving screen industries.

Who is it For?

It’s for innovators and disruptors – as well as the curious – who are engaged in change making in the screen industries. Whether you’re in the creative, technical, or business side— be it production, technology, marketing, distribution, financing, or academic fields—this is your platform. If you’re shaping the future of film, Screenovators is your stage to catalyze change.

Why join Screenovators?

By becoming a member you are joining an active network of pioneers. Here, you’re invited to:

  • Network: Forge ties with the international film community, opening doors to industry breakthroughs.

  • Innovate: Engage in a space that encourages inventive discussions, practices, and strategies.

  • Grow: Showcase your work, gain constructive feedback, and improve amidst a culture of ongoing learning.

  • Discover: Spot opportunities for professional advancement, potential partnerships, and emerging industry trends.

How to Join?

The Screenovators Community is homed on Discord   Discord's Branding Guidelines

To join please click on the link below (you’ll just need to create a Discord profile if you haven’t yet).